Primary Care Supporting Image

Our locally-based PCP’s (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants) care for elderly and other adult patients who are suffering from illness or a chronic condition in the safety, privacy and comfort of their home. We are able to ease the burden of those having difficulty getting out to the doctor, as well as helping their families and caregivers.

HarmonyCares Medical Group’s primary care model establishes close relationships with patients and a deep understanding of their social and clinical needs.

Service Overview

  • Care management
  • Care coordination for medically needed services
  • Preventive care including health assessments, immunizations, and functional assessments
  • Medication management and adherence strategies
  • Telehealth visits
  • 24/7 clinical support (including holidays)
  • Reduction of emergency department use and hospitalization
  • Post hospitalization discharge follow up
  • Sick visits